Barnes Brook Golf & Ski
Barnes Brook Indoor Golf      is now open
This is the latest in the Full Swing Indoor Golf Simulation Technology.  
This is a great way to keep the swing loose a well as play a little competition
during the winter months.  There is a practice facility as well as
40 different golf
You can even take lessons from the Pro during the winter.

We have many leagues you can play in or you can just rent the facility yourself.  
You may have your own league as well.  
This is a great way to entertain a customer in the winter as well.
Give us a call to reserve your tee time.

Our league play is limited to a certain number of players
so please call to reserve your spot.
There are memberships available on a limited basis check out bottom of the page
is also used by

The Golf Club Mechanic
of Maine

to fit golf clubs by
checking your golf ball
speed, launch angle
and distance to
maximize your clubs.

Indoor Memberships
are available on a
limited bases

$395 a year

for details on the
restrictions please call

We offer 10 hour

Now Open

Indoor golf is now open

Call to set up your tee time today 732-3006

l Rack rate is
30 a hour

does not matter how many people
(if you have 2 people on the machine for 1 hour
it would cost each person $1
5.00 )

machine can take up to 8 people at a time.
The juniors love to hit the golf
ball for real
The adults love it also.  It just
nice to be able to play golf all
year round.  Thanks to
Barnes Brook Golf Course
If you would like to start your own league or have a indoor competion or
tournament feel free to give us a call and talk to Mike